Solanimus Games

Solanimus™ - Software with a Soul™

Our Mission

"Cooperatively facilitate the ongoing pursuit of the expansive potential we see in games as a medium."

What We Do

Since 2011, Solanimus develops interactive software in a continuously optimized and self-controlled environment to create life-giving experiences that bring people together, experiencing their lives differently than before.

All Solanimus games and software programs prioritize emergent, expressive experience to expand the user's perception and are unconstrained by the general understanding of genres or other conventions.


All software we develop, games or otherwise, is approached using a concept called Game-Patterning, in which every aspect of interaction is perceived as a game within metagames.

Game-Patterning is a leap in conceptualizing the development process and the purposes behind decisions within the development process.

Some Past Works

Signal to Noise™

The realtime-music-driven rail shooter


There's a squirrel causing issues in the road

Cool-B in Search of Floyd™

An endearing, personal & child-like game about Cool-B the cat searching for his brother Floyd

Some of the Upcoming Pipeline

Signal Forever™

A new live-music-driven generative game

Simple Metagame™

A simplified system for organized competitive gaming

NonZeroSoul's software

"Computers will never be the same."

Cross-platform re-releases

Updated versions of our past titles for more platforms

Solanimus Games is in search of humbled people, looking for their own direction in something that fulfills their soul, holding a profound lack of understanding for that which is generally accepted as impossible.